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DMP Vol.14: Hardstyle (Triple DVD Edition)


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DMP Vol. 14: Hardstyle

One of the more aggressive forms of dance music, Hardstyle mixes influences from hard trance, hard house and hardcore

Mixing various influences from Hard House, Hard Trance and Hardcore, Hardstyle is one of the more aggressive forms of dance music often employing a hard, distorted (“barking”) kick drum mixed amongst melodic leads and binary motifs. It is also one of the more complex genres of dance music for artists to produce, requiring knowledge of a number of techniques including unusually excessive EQ, judicious frequency specific distortion, detuning, sound design and synthesis layering. Consequently, due to the depth of the production techniques we’re releasing this tutorial in a 3-disc format. 


Disc 1: Kick


The Hardstyle kick is perhaps the most elusive timbre of the genre and a major sticking point for many producers.As a result, we’ve dedicated all of DVD 1 to the production and design involved in a Hardstlye kick. We begin by designing and modifying a simple 909 kick and then walk through, step-by-step, the initial creative decisions and techniques for the production of a typical Hardstyle “barking” kick. We explain and show the various techniques and plug-ins used by many Hardstyle artists before reviewing the audio editing and various techniques involved to further modify the previously created barking kick.


Disc 2: Composition, Sound Design and Arranging


In DVD 2 we examine the various techniques in musical composition for the lead, the use of counterpoint to create dissonance and the ancillary/binary melodies and motifs. We also discuss into the sound design principles and practices for leads, screeches, reverse bass, sound layering and EQ.


Disc 3: Arranging and Further Sound Design


For the final disc, we examine further synthesis layering, lead effects busses and chains, a typical processing chain for Hardstyle vocals and then we work towards building a skeleton Hardstyle arrangement examining the build techniques, reverse bass, drop and general arrangement principles before finally returning again to sound design. Here we employ a Virus Ti and show how it can be used to create leads and screeches.


NOTE: Logic Pro X is used with this tutorial due to the importance of the Clip Distortion plug-in


Total Runtime 11 hours 30 Minutes.


More information on this release, including a breakdown of each disc and session content can be found here:


Product Code: DMPQ2O3Q66

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