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Welcome to the new DMP website

February 23 2017
Written by: Pete Allison-Nichol

Dance Music Production

We listen to your feedback and we’re continually working to improve your user experience. One of the biggest requests we received was to improve our shopping system to make it easier to navigate, easier to move through checkout and also offer immediate, automatic downloads after payment. Well, we’ve introduced these changes and we think you’ll love them.

Unfortunately, though, because some of the changes we implemented required a newly structured database - and we must comply with current European Law in regards to protecting your data - we’re not permitted to transfer across user data. Yes, this means you’ll need to register a new account in our new system...

We know its a pain in the arse (that’s ass for our US cousins) and we are genuinely  sorry but its an unavoidable consequence of keeping your data safe and secure. On the upside, we’re sure you’ll agree that our new system is definitely worth it because its a lot easier to use and we also have some big things coming up. Plus, we’ll give you 500 reward points just for registering so its not that bad...

What about my DMPoints?

If you earned DMpoints on our previous database, don’t worry, we’ll transfer them over for you. We have to do this manually, though, so please ensure you create an account with either the same user name or email address as the previous shop. Alternatively, if you use both a new email address and user-name send us an email to inform us of the changes.

What about my account history?

We’ll keep records of all your previous purchases from DMP for a period of 5 years for you but if its really important that you can see your older purchases in your account send us a mail and we can make them available for you.

Free Trials

We are now also offering free trials of our tutorials. There are a few to start with, and we will be preparing more and more over the coming weeks.


  • Pete: May 07, 2017

    Hey Nick,

    A DnB course is on the list, but no idea when for.

    It won’t be this year though unfortunately.


  • Nick Graff: April 14, 2017

    Any chance you guys will be doing any liquid drum and bass tutorials? I would be forever in debt.

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