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Quick Look - Xfer Serum 1.2 Update

June 20 2017
Written by: Pete Allison-Nichol

Xfer Serum 1.2 Update

In this video I take a quick look at the new features in the 1.2 update to Xfer Serum including:

  • Resizable GUI
  • The ability to set the LFO horizontal and vertical grid sizes independently of each other
  • The new 'Reduce to' option in the Add / Remove menu in the Wavetable Editor
  • Drag LFO shape to oscillators to use as wavetable (now works on Windows)



Release Notes

1.20b1 changes:

Mostly focused around GUI re-write, a number of changes under the hood for other future features
• added: default oversampling level now (optionally) can be set in Serum.cfg file (otherwise 2x as usual)
• added: WT Editor->Add/Remove menu->Reduce submenu: thins the number of frames, in order to easily keep only every Nth frame.
• added: ability to get a separate vertical grid size for the LFO with text entry: double-click on grid size (assuming pref enabled) and type e.g. 8,12 for 8 horizontal and 12 vertical grid lines.
• added: secondary sort method for preset browser, Serum will remember the previous column you clicked for ordering and use that as a secondary ordering: e.g. click Location column, presets are sorted by location. Then click Rating column and the presets will be sorted by Rating, but the sorting within a given rating will be ordered by Location.
• added: alt-drag LFO tile to WT now an official feature / works on Windows too
• added: preset name is now rescanned on Serum instances re-opening (for checkmark / menu advancing)
• added: resizable interface (lower-right corner), zoom menu in top-left (Serum logo) and preference/setting in Zoom Menu for default window size.
• fix: oversampling level wasn’t visually updating on preset changes unless GUI closed/reopened
• fix: a project saved with hidden piano keyboard was not visually re-opening properly on song reload in some hosts
• fix: dragging macro mod sources weren’t changing mouse cursor to ‘+’ on some systems
• fix: right-clicking env curve handles would visually reset to linear but would revert to the previous curve if not touched further.
• fix: it was possible to get the mouse ‘stuck’ held on the page selector buttons if using both mouse buttons.
• fix: using copy Osc A<>B could lead to a crash with active voices playing in certain situations
• fix: pressing ESC with a pop-up text entry enabled could crash FL studio (as ESC was closing the Serum window and the text entry simultaneously).
• fix: improvements to ‘clear effect tails on transport stop’ (reduced CPU)
• fix: some small memory leaks surrounding preset browser searches
• fix: non-visible LFO rate on active notes wasn’t updating when automating rates directly in host.
• fix: Smooth knob on LFO 5-8 was not working in all situations
• fix: Preset folders containing a single-quote (‘) were not appearing in browser or could cause issues
• fix: fixes to double-click for type-able values on Windows
• fix: exporting 16-bit wav files would incorrectly export full code sample values as full negative
• fix: in some cases a preset made “init preset” default saw would, once reloaded after other presets, retain the oscillator shape to from previous preset.
• fix: checkmarks weren’t showing on Matrix mod destination menus when the assignment was made via drag and drop (until window reopened).
• fix: ‘Var” parameter for Combs/Allpasses/Reverb filters was not displaying the text label (‘Damp’).
• fix: effects were not resuming from suspend if source signal 100% R channel only
• fix: loading LFO shapes could parse an improper curve or Y value in some rare situations
• fix: adding LFO loop points and switching to Off mode would not remove the loop points until updating the LFO graph
• fix: when exporting the entire effect rack (creating .fxr files) the effect chain order and module-bypasses were not saving correctly.
• fix: when browsing presets, Macro knob values were not loading correctly in Reason 9.5

1.20b2 changes:

• signed installer for MacOS Update
• fix for some machines on text entry affecting first run

1.20b3 changes:

• fix: in previous 1.2 versions, LFO grid size was not adjusting vertical snaps
• fix: in previous 1.2 versions, Serum AAX could become bypass-enabled which changing presets
• fix: in previous 1.2 versions, in some hosts, resize was stealing pop-text entry and shrinking entire UI to 50% size
• added: if oversampling is set in config to non-2x the oversampling lock will also enable.

1.20b4 changes:

• fix on Windows for missing (tiny) plug-in window on first run
• fix on Windows for LFO mod source tiles sometimes invisible when UI set to 90%
• fix issue where voice filter would stick quietly ‘ringing’ after a note off in rare situations
• fix: LFO Grid Size wasn’t accepting all mouse events in 1.20b3

1.20b5 changes:

• fix: SerumFX I/O meters were not scaling dynamically above 100% zoom
• fix: 1.204b could crash on Windows when re-opening instances (due to menu checkmark updating)



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  • Callum: June 23, 2017

    Nice one Pete! I’ve really got into serum big time thanks to your tutorial- it’s such a beast of a synth:)

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