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DMP Scale Mouse Mats

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Back by popular demand, our DMP Mouse Mats are the perfect reference for dance musicians. Available in either Major or Minor keys, the mats display all the notes available in each key in a scale. Rather than struggle determining keys and notes - it can all be a glance away.

The mouse mats measure 230mm x 190mm so are suitable for mounting onto a controller keyboard. They consist of a white fabric polyester top with a 5mm "true grip" thick black rubber backing.

To find the notes in a scale begin by choosing what key you want to work in from the top to bottom list on the left of the mat. The notes in that particular key are then listed left to right, with each numbered ball showing the notes and the order of the notes in that scale.

For example, say you want to work in F Minor. On the minor keys mouse mat, find the F on the top to bottom list on the left side of the mat. Once you've found F, the numbered balls to right show the order of the notes in F minor. In this case, it would consist of:

Note 1 = F, Note 2 = G, Note 3 = G# (Ab), Note 4 = A# (Bb), Note 5 = C, Note 6 = C# (Db), Note 7 = D# (Eb).

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