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Fundamental: Drums


Fundamental: Drums (formerly called Fundamental 10) discusses and dissects one of the most fundamental elements of dance music; rhythm. Running over 10 hours we look deep into the advanced creation of drum loops, programming and rhythm.

Starting with percussive sound design for kicks, snares, claps and hi-hats through layering and synthesis, we then move onto producing professional loops and rhythms. We start with the basics of the four to the floor and modulation, we then go deeper into rhythm examining subjects such as meter, variation, quantisation and humanising. 
By constructing a number of drum loops in the tutorial, we show how to make random samples “glue” together to produce a cohesive professional loop, show how to create complex hi-hat patterns, introduce the theory and practice of swing and groove and discuss how to create acoustic fills and rolls. We also examine the importance of dynamics, logarithmic patterning, sequential programming, drive, tempo changes, live MIDI drum recording (basic finger drumming), pitch processing and the uses and tuning practice behind fifth, seventh and ninth drums and their uses in todays electronic dance music. 
The tutorial then finishes with a closer examination and importance of buss processing, including a look at the latest techniques such as mid/side reverb and expansion alongside compression, delay, buss EQ, distortion & modulation.

Runtime: Over 10 Hours

Module 1

An introduction to the tutorial

Session 01: Rhythm & Meter: 16 minutes
In this first session, we begin with a quick look at some basic music theory that is required for the rest of the tutorial.

Session 02: Sound Design 1 - Kick Layering: 52 minutes
For the second session, we begin by examining how to create kick sounds through layering of samples.

Session 03: Sound Design 2 - Kick Synthesis: 40 minutes
Following on the previous session, we examine an alternative to layering samples; layering synthesized kicks.

Session 04: Sound Design 3: 48 minutes
In this session we discuss how to create claps and snares through layering.

Session 05: Sound Design 4: Hi Hats: 42 minutes
In the final session on sound design we investigate how to create hi-hats.

Session 06: Four to the Floor: 62 minutes
With the basic percussive design covered, we move onto to create the typical four to the floor rhythm, examining concepts such as sample selection, how to make samples gel, modulation and note positioning.

Session 07: Groove and Swing: 40 minutes
Following on from the last session, we develop on the theory of rhythm and examine what groove and swing are, and how we can employ them in drum rhythms.

Session 08: Triplets & Sequential: 30 minutes
For the final session of disc one, we investgate the application of triplets and how to create sequential patterns to add movement to hats.

Module 2

Session 09: Ghosts N Stuff: 32 minutes
For this session we examine the application of ghost notes and polyrhythm to create more complex sounding rhythms.

Session 10: Rhyme Scheme & Tempo: 30 minutes
For this session we investigate how to make loops more sustainable throughout a track by examining the theory of rhyme scheme and tempo changes.

Session 11: Finger Drumming: 15 minutes
Here we examine recording MIDI drums live using a few simple finger drumming techniques.

Session 12: Breakbeat Patterns: 48 minutes
Here we investigate how to create breakbeats using logarithmic algorithms to create the basic patterns.

Session 13: Half-Time Breaks: 30 minutes
Following on from the previous session, we continue building breakbeats but this time show how to employ half time in the breaks.

Session 14: Infusing Samples: 33 minutes
Here, we discuss how serendipity can help improve the groove of your rhythms.

Session 15: Rolls and Fills: 45 minutes
In this session, we examine how to build acoustic rolls and fills to help add motion to drum loops and rhythms.

Session 16: Bus Processing: 45 minutes
For the final session we investigate bus processing, and show the latest techniques such as mid/side expansion and reverb, and compare hardware compression to software.

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