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Sessions: Xfer Serum


If you use Xfer Serum, this course is for you.

As a producer, knowledge and understanding of your tools is essential to make music quickly, and not get frustrated.

Coming in at just over 6.5 hours of video tutorials, you will dive deep into Serum and leave no stone unturned. Everything is covered from the oscillators to making wavetables. Modulators to filters & FX. Tips. Tricks. Little known functions.

You will become an expert in Serum.

Imagine not having to fumble through presets. Haphazardly changing parameters. Hoping to find a killer sound. 

Imagine knowing what each function inside of Serum does, and what effect it will have on the sound.

How will that improve your workflow?

Grab your copy of Sessions: Xfer Serum now, or grab our Serum & Sound Design bundle here.

At the end of Sessions: Xfer Serum, you will be armed with:

A clear understanding of what every single parameter inside of Serum does, how it works, and how best to use it

In-depth knowledge of what each warp mode does

Everything you need to know about making your own wavetables, including

Resampling warp modes and whole Serum patches as wavetables
Importing audio as wavetables
Drawing wavetables
Editing wavetables

In-depth knowledge of Serums super powerful LFOs

All the modulation options including the lesser known ones and creative ways to use them

Importing your own noise samples and creative ways to use them

Mod matrix tricks, including the modulation curve and the powerful aux function

All the different filter types (hint, there’s 90 of them!)

All the different easter eggs and little known functions within Serum

The FX and creative ways to use them

And much more


Session 01: Overview

Session 02: Global Preferences

Session 03: Osc A & B

Session 04: Warp Modes

Session 05: Unison Settings

Session 06: Copy & Render & Resample, oh my!

Session 07: Sub Oscillator

Session 08: Noise Oscillator

Session 09: Filter Module

Session 10: Modulation Routing

Session 11: Envelopes

Session 12: LFOs

Session 13: Velocity, Note & Mod Wheel

Session 14: Other Mod Sources

Session 15: Mod Matrix

Session 16: Voicing & Portamento

Session 17: Hyper & Dimension

Session 18: Distortion

Session 19: Flanger

Session 20: Phaser

Session 21: Chorus

Session 22: Delay

Session 23: Compressor

Session 24: Reverb

Session 25: EQ & Filter

Session 26: Wavetable Editor Overview

Session 27: FFT Editor

Session 28: Wavetable Editor

Session 29: Menu Bar Commands

Session 30: Importing Audio Part 1

Session 31: Importing Audio Part 2

Session 32: Importing Audio Part 3

Session 33: Importing Audio Part 4

Session 34: Importing Audio Part 5

Session 35: Import PNG Image

Session 36: Serum FX Plugin

Coming Soon.

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