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Buy Cheap. Buy Twice.

Sure you can have a track mastered for £40 or £50 but you’ll receive exactly what you pay for. Why ruin something you’ve laboured over for days and give it to someone sat in their bedroom to massacre the dynamics because they just can’t hear them?

Mastering is an art and science, requiring skilled ears, great (read expensive) monitors, a controlled monitoring environment and some very select hardware. It takes a professional mastering engineer time to ensure your track receives the very best and sounds exactly as it should on a multitude of systems.

If you’re only being charged £40 or £50, you should be asking why.

Great Mastering.

Mastering is a meticulous art, its purpose is to ensure that your track is compatible (i.e sounds the same) on a variety of monitoring environments, from clubs to EarPods all the way through to home speakers and a workman radio.

To accomplish this consists of a lot more than just “increasing volume” by throwing a limiter on the 2-bus. Without a controlled monitoring environment and trained ears, its all too easy to smash the dynamics of the music and ruin the transient energy without noticing because louder always sounds better.

The price, however, is increased signal density that results in ear fatigue for your listeners that will reduce the playability, impact and quality of your music.

We’re Certified.

Our mastering engineers are MFiT certified. This standard shows that our engineers are technically able to adhere to certain mastering protocols. This produces a sonically pleasing master that ensures the intersample peaks and digital over clips are corrected, allowing for proper encoding of the program material.

And for the past 25 years we’ve run an established recording studio with an extensive history in mixing and mastering electronic dance music; we won’t just throw your music through some dodgy software – we will employ hardware such as Crane Song, Manley, API, Maag, SSL, Tube-Tech and Chandler to ensure your hard work receives the best treatment it can.

What’s more, you are welcome to attend our studios to sit alongside our engineers to watch the track being mixed or mastered. If you’re mastering engineer can’t offer that, maybe you should ask why.

Dance Music Production is committed to maintaining high educational standards and business practices.