Musical Musings and News Friday 21st June 2019.

Musical Musings and News.~Friday 21st June 2019


I hope none of you missed the penultimate release of the Chill Out Tutorial in the Subscription Club.

And the track created in the tutorial has already been released and remixed by a number of artists…

It has been another busy week and at the moment I am running through plans for events at DMP…(this is me reporting back to our leader)

Drum & Bass News. 

To get you are all in the mood for the first part of the Drum & Bass tutorial next month, I have chatted to our main man and received this nugget of knowledge from him…

“The key to Drum and Bass lies with the drum rhythm and in particular the use of multiple snares. You can sample a loop and slice in a sampler but I find it easier to program the rhythms from scratch. I cover both approaches in the tutorial.”

Weekly Industry News. 

This weeks news we are dedicating to the 147th Pro Audio Convention in New York.

We have been working with the Audio Engineering Society to recognise Electronic Dance Music. The result is this year they are introducing a dedicated Electronic Dance Music afternoon.

The provisional date is the 17th October 2019 and will be an afternoon session. Rick and I have been asked to chair the track and we have had the privilege to work with some truly talented individuals.

This inaugural track will be interesting, fun and educational and although Rick didn’t want to talk at this one, I persuaded him to anyway. There are talks on Mixing EDM (from a grammy award winning producer), talks on sampling for dance music, and a talk on remixing by yours truly (well, Rick anyway – I’ll make his presentation).

You can register for tickets at the link above. This is going to be a great event and a milestone for Electronic Dance Musicians everywhere. Be there for history in the making.

AES Exhibition Floor. 

Alongside the talks on EDM by professionals, the AES convention also features a main floor with exhibitors from the major hardware and software manufacturers. This could be your chance to meet professionals and play with some boutique hardware.

147th Pro Audio Convention in New York.

My Musical Musings.

I will leave you all planning your fall trip now. While you do that here is a little musical musing to entertain you.

Have a great weekend.

P.S I could not resist. (Don’t tell Rick!!)


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