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Go Hard.

Software is great, but unless you want your music to sound the same as every kid with a laptop and pirated software, you need something extra to stand out to record labels.

We can stereo sum, mix and/or master your music through some of the most boutique and celebrated hardware available with equipment from Manley, API, SSL, Neve, Tube-Tech, Universal Audio, Crane Song, Pultec and more (photographs are from our studio).

What’s more, all our work is performed by professional,, experienced audio engineers using a mix of hardware and software, so you’re guaranteed stand out results.

Stem Mastering.

Stem mastering is where a number of grouped instruments such as the drum subgroup, bass subgroup, leads, vocals and/or effects are treated to individual processing to enhance their overall sound.

A typical example would be a drum subgroup supplied as a single stereo audio file. We would repair any technical issues with the loop and treat it to processing via hardware to add depth, warmth, punch, and air to the audio.

We can also sum individual drums, bass and leads into grouped stems using Tube-Tech, Neve or SSL summing mixers.

Prices start at £65

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Track Mastering.

Mastering is the final step before distribution. It consists of repairing any errors and adjusting a tracks’ frequency and dynamics so that the music sounds consistent across different playback systems.

Amateur mastering engineers usually focus on achieving the loudest level possible but this heavy-handed approach only degrades the audio quality and removes the dynamics from the music. We employ a creative mastering approach, adding some loudness but also preserving the dynamics and transients of the music so your listeners can enjoy it more. We’re also Apple MFiT certified so we can master for the multitude of platforms.

Prices start at £65

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Track Analysis.

Sometimes its difficult to know whether your music is right or wrong, and it’s easy to become so close to a project that you lose objectivity.

With 25+ years of experience, we can listen to your track and make recommendations on how to take it to the next level for submission to a record label. You receive a full-written report detailing all of our recommendations from dynamics and tonality, through to arrangement.

This service can be a great aid to mastering your craft, it highlights issues you should be aware of and also offers the opportunity to learn how to repair it.

Prices start at £85.00

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Advanced Analysis.

For the advanced analysis, our producers will not only listen to the track and offer advice, but we will also then spend 30 minutes with you, on a Skype one-on-one call walking through how best to repair the problems we’ve found in your music. Alternatively, we can also offer track analysis on commercially released music, walking through how the music was constructed.

Prices start at £150.00

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A mix can often make or break a track. If you’re feeling unsure about how to mix your music, we can take the strain. Our engineers have years of experience and will mix your music through state of the art hardware including SSL and Neve.

Prices start at £135

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Custom Ear Protection & Tinnitus Therapy.

The most important tools in your studio are those stuck on the side of your head. And they’re irreplaceable. Once your hearing is damaged it can not be repaired.

Custom hearing protection offers many advantages; You can select the correct filter for the protection you need. They are more comfortable because they fit your ears perfectly and they use flat-response attenuators, enabling you to hear the sound as it was intended. Its like having a volume control for your ears. The filters attenuate the sound across all the frequencies with 10,15,25 or 30 interchangeable filters. 

Prices start at £130

Tinnitus Therapy.

We also offer individual tinnitus therapy. Please contact us for more information on this service. 

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One to One Sessions.

Alongside the Dance Music Manual and our video tutorials, we also offer one to one mentoring services. These are private sessions that take place via Skype on a weekly basis. These are most suited to those who want to advance their careers in the fastest possible way.

We do not work to a pre-determined structure, each session pack is developed individually to suit your needs. This way we can ensure that the sessions cover exactly what you need. We have a selection of professionals to mentor on different topics. We will match you up with the most appropriate mentor. 

Payment plans are available on all of our one-to-one. Contact us for prices and more information.


Ask us.

We’re not a software algorithm created to spit out music as quickly as possible for maximum profit. We take a pride in the quality of our work and will always tailor it to your specifications.

Because our work is bespoke, our pricing depends on the work required. So, if you have a specific project or want to talk to us about one to one sessions,please use the form opposite to contact us.

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