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French House


Note: This is an older release, originally released as "Dance Floor", so it was recorded with a smaller resolution, using Logic Pro 9.

This course focuses on the methods and production techniques behind writing, engineering and producing a professional white label/french house record for club play. (French House relates to the genre of music where an 8 to 16 bar segment of another record is sampled and then manipulated into a dance track)

The 4-hour video course walks through, step by step, the entire construction and production sequence, from a blank sequencer to the final production of an example of French House.

The recording software was left running throughout the entire production and was later edited down to the most important points filling four hours for the DVD.

Divided into 10 sessions, the DVD covers the construction and production ethics used by today’s professional dance artists to create french house. These sessions include what to listen for, the inspiration, the ideas, sampling, manipulation, pitching, frequency tuning and editing, vocals, building a groove, processing, effects, arrangement and mixing.

Runtime: Approx 4 hours 15 minutes

An introduction to the DVD

Session 01: Examples of French House: 15 minutes
An examination on the sampling behind house music, with various examples of popular tracks and who they sampled.

Session 02: Sample Guidelines: 30 minutes
A discussion on what to listen out for and what segments are the best to sample, followed by finding a sample to use as the basis for the construction of the track.

Session 03: The House Sample: 25 minutes
With a sample chosen in the previous session, we now look at the methods behind time stretching and experiment with effects to produce a good starting point.

Session 04: Vocals: 25 minutes
In this session we go on a search for some vocals that we can add to the track to build its foundation.

Session 05: Programming Drums: 30 minutes
With the basic ideas down, we now look towards programming a dance rhythm to suit our sample and begin to form the foundation of the record

Session 06: Bass: 25 minutes
For this session we look at how to program basses for French House and program a bass to suit our sample.

Session 07: Arranging: 10 minutes
With both bass and drums playing with our samples, we now look towards effects, processing and how we can use these to produce an arrangement.

Session 08: Preparing for a Mixdown: 15 minutes
In this session we work towards a mixdown by performing some general pre-mix duties.

Session 09: The Mixdown: 10 minutes
This session looks at the final mix and follows as we mix the record.

Session 10: Copyrights: 10 minutes
A chat about copyright and the best ways to approach the subject when you want to use a sample for the creation of your own record.

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