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Fundamental: Music Theory, Bass


Over 3 hours of video tutorials focus on the theory and practice behind the programming, production and engineering of professional bass lines and rhythms for electronic dance music.

The DVD begins with an introductory course on some basic music theory. The viewer is introduced to the principles and theories behind the creation of musical scales and working in different keys, including examination of the major and minor scales alongside the more esoteric modal forms such as Dorian, Lydian and Mixolydian.

Moving beyond the musical theory, further sessions then discuss the techniques that are often employed when composing, programming, editing, tuning and processing of bass in order to add that all important groove to dance records. This includes detailed techniques such as compression, trip-sampling, frequency-splitting, side-chaining, modulation, tuning, keying and an introduction to synthesis techniques for different styles of bass timbres.

An introduction to the DVD

Session 01: Introduction to Musical Scales: 10 minutes
Using examples, this first session shows how the many different musical scales are created and formed, an essential resource if you plan to produce music.

Session 02: The Different Musical Modes: 20 minutes
For this session, we examine how the different modal forms in music are created, from Major to Minor, Dorian to Mixolydian.

Session 03: Groove Part 1: Timing and Values: 17 minutes
Here, using examples, we examine how timing and note values play an important role in the creation of a typical dance music groove.

Session 04: Groove Part 2 Pitch Development: 20 minutes
In this session we examine the uses of pitch, the principle of strong and weak notes within a scale and how we can use these to change the feel of the bass line.

Session 05: Modes and Accidents: 20 minutes
We examine how the use of different modes can affect the feel of the music, and how introducing an accidental can add to the excitement of a dance groove.

Session 06: Extraction: 15 Minutes
This session concentrates on how a bass groove can be extracted from a chord, or series of chords and progressions.

Session 07:Programming and Processing: 30 minutes
A look at some of the synthesis techniques you can use to program bass timbres, alongside how the use of processors and effects can be used to further augment the dance groove.

Session 08: Bass Timbre Tips and Tricks: 50 minutes
Various tips and tricks on producing bass timbres for dance music.

Session 09: Further Processing: 20 minutes
A final session giving more tips, tricks and advice on processing bass timbres in dance music.

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