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Sessions: iZotope Trash 2


From subtle saturation to add weight and presence, to gritty in your face attitude and up front bass lines, distortion has become an indispensable tool for the production of electronic dance music, and is found in every single production today.

iZotope Trash 2 is easily the most comprehensive and most commonly employed distortion plugin to date. With with over 60 distortion algorithms and the ability to create your own from scratch, Trash 2 is capable of subtle saturation to absolute destruction. But with Trash 2, distortion is just the beginning…

Trash goes further than just distortion, with 2 filter banks, a convolution engine, an extensive multiband dynamics section and a delay section. Moreover, you can place them in any order you like. This amount of flexibility can easily leave you feeling overwhelmed and sticking to the presets.

For this sessions, we decipher the bewildering array of parameters on offer and show you how you can use Trash 2 to its full potential.

We begin the tutorial by working through each of the available options to get Trash 2 working how you want. Nothing is left unturned as we examine each individual module one by one, covering every parameter on offer, starting with the filters, then the Trash module, where we also discuss what exactly distortion is.

We examine the excellent Convolve module and show how to load your own impulse responses. We explore the Dynamics module, discussing the often misunderstood ‘Upwards Compression’ before finally exploring the Delay module, and of course how to rearrange the order of the modules.

Over 2 hours of practical examples then tie all the information together, revealing the multitude of different ways you can employ Trash 2 to approach different sounds. We explore vocal effects, snare drums, bass, leads, drum bus processing and bass bus processing. It’s not all about distortion either, you’ll surprised by some of the tricks you can accomplish with Trash 2 that don’t involve distortion at all!

Total runtime: 3 hours 55 minutes

Introduction: 1:56

An introduction to the tutorial.

Session 01: Trash 2 Overview: 11:34

We begin with an overview of the Trash 2 interface.

Session 02: General Options: 7:32

In this session, we begin to investigate the Options menu, starting with the General Options tab.

Session 03: Spectrum Options: 6:59

Next we look at the Spectrum Options, including a brief explanation of how FFT analysers work.

Session 04: IO Options: 4:48

Here we look at the Input / Output metering options.

Session 05: Modules Options: 5:35

In this session we look at the Modules Options, as well as explaining the Dynamic Module’s ‘Histogram’ view for the threshold meter, and how to read it.

Session 06: Convolve Options: 3:44

In this session, we look at the last of the Options tabs, the Convolve Options.

Session 07: The Filter Modules: 15:34

We begin to look at the modules, starting with the Filter modules, covering each filter type, modulation, and using the filters in serial or parallel configurations.

Session 08: The Trash Module: 16:11

Here, we examine the Trash module, and discuss what exactly distortion is.

Session 09: The Convolve Module: 5:52

In this session, we look at the Convolve Module, and how you can load your own impulse responses.

Session 10: The Dynamics Module: 16:56

In this session, we look at the Dynamics Module, also explaining the often miss understood ‘Upwards Compression’.

Session 11: The Delay Module: 7:23

In this session, we look at the Delay Module, also covering some quite creative ways you can use it.

Session 12: Telephone Vox Delay: 7:17

In this session, we look at how you can use Trash 2 to create a telephone vocal style delay effect.

Session 13: Convolve FX Pt. 1: 13:46

In this session, we begin to look at some ways you can creatively abuse the convolve module, creating a different take on the classic reverse reverb effect.

Session 14: Convolve FX Pt. 2: 9:17

More abuse of the convolve module, this time we create some rhythmic string like sounds.

Session 15: Convolve FX Pt. 3: 7:38

In this final session on creatively abusing the convolve module, we create a rhythmic drum part out of a bass line.

Session 16: Vocal Shaker: 8:07

In this session, we look at making a vocal shaker with the formant filters being modulated by an external sidechain source.

Session 17: Distorted Vocal: 8:58

In this session, we look at some ways to create distorted vocals, and highlight the differences between using the distortion in parallel vs serial.

Session 18: Snare Drum & More: 26:27

In this session we start by using multiple instances of Trash 2 to beef up a snare drum, before using Trash 2 to creatively process some reverb, as well as using Trash 2 to turn white noise into reverb, and some other fun things too.

Session 19: Drum Bus: 11:07

In this session, we look at using Trash 2 to process a drum bus to achieve hard hitting, punchy drums.

Session 20: Distorted Lead: 9:35

In this session, we look at how to use Trash 2 to create a distorted square lead, the type that has been used a lot in Hardstyle in the past.

Session 21: Bass: 18:46

In this session, we look at how you can use Trash 2 to process a preset bass sound, and turn it into something completely different that you will want to use in your production.

Session 22: Bass Bus: 10:29

For this final session, we look at how you can use Trash 2 to process a bass bus, in particular how you can use Trash 2 to glue different bass sounds together to create a cohesive sound.

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