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Uplifting Trance


Note: We will be releasing a new Uplifting Trance tutorial in Q4 2017. If you purchase this current Uplifting Trance Tutorial after 24 February 2017, you will receive a 50% off discount on the new Uplifting Trance tutorial when it is released.

Uplifting Trance, sometimes termed "Main Room", "Euphoric", "Anthem" or "Peak Time" is one of the most dominant forms of dance music worldwide, consisting of energised melodic riffs, a fast tempo and a driving bass. Almost guaranteed to fill the dance floors, this tutorial dissects the genre and discusses in detail how it's composed, constructed and engineered.

As with all of our genre driven tutorials, we start with a blank sequencer and gradually construct an Uplifting Trance track, examining the compositional, production and engineering skills and techniques employed in its creation for each step. We cover the entire process from the initial stating point of getting the ideas down, through synth programming, application of effects and processing, and the arrangement techniques including examining the ideas behind the dual bass system, the builds, breaks and how to write and synthesise that all important lead melody.

Reaching close to 8 hours of video spanning 2 modules, this edition also contains each individual audio channel from the finished track, all of the MIDI, all of the programmed synth settings as presets and all the created drum timbres individually as audio. These latter drum samples are copyright free and may be used in your own productions.

Runtime: 7 Hours 43 minutes


Session 01: Composing Leads: 51 minutes

Session 02: Composing Dual Bass: 26 minutes

Session 03: Drums Part 1: 53 minutes

Session 04: Synthesising Basses: 31 minutes

Session 05: Synthesising Leads: 36 minutes

Session 06: Creative Drive: 39 minutes

Session 07: Arranging Part 1: 47 minutes

Session 08: Arranging Part 2: 55 minutes

Session 09: Arranging Part 3: 58 minutes

Session 10: Arranging Part 4: 57 minutes

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