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Successful professionals don’t continue to work from their bedrooms with a set of monitors squeezed into a corner. They evolve and build studios dedicated to their profession and we’ve done just that! Altar studios is the words first and only fully fledged commercial studio for electronic dance musicians. Based in a converted church in South Yorkshire, it not only boasts a boutique creative environment for both artists and students but also has some of the most lauded hardware available including Manley, Neve, SSL, TubeTech, SPL, API and more.

Our ghost production work has earned millions of views on youtube and we regularly record, engineer and master music for a variety of electronic dance music artists and labels including Sony BMG, Warner and Polydor.

We’re professionals in this field. Our chief producer, Rick Snoman has been involved in the electronic music industry for 30+ years. He has remixed for some of the biggest names in the industry and has produced music under various monikers including Phiadra and Aeon Soul. His work has accredited him as an iTunes certified mastering engineer, an EMTAS certified tutor and he holds a doctorate in Music Technology and Production..

His book, the Dance Music Manual, has won awards, critical acclaim and accolade across the electronic music industry and is recognised as the industry standard textbook that is required or recommend reading at colleges and universities that teach EDM. He also regularly teaches university tutors on production techniques.

A member of the Audio Engineering Society education committee, he has held talks on EDM at their conventions, alongside co-chairing the Electronic Dance Music Track for the 147th New York Convention in 2019, and was keynote speaker at NAMM 2020 on electronic music production.


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Preview Not Yet Available
Learn how to remix a track. This preview will be available on course completion.

Preview Not Yet Available
How to create Drum & Bass. This preview will be available on course completion.

Preview Not Yet Available
How to Mix EDM. A complete 4 hour walkthrough of how to mix a professional EDM track.

Preview Not Yet Available
How to create Chill Out Music. This preview will be available on course completion.

Runtime: 5hrs
Learn all about dynamics, how to use dynamic processors and how to hear compression.

Runtime: 2+ Hours

Its a growing trend for many dance music producers, learn why and how to perform it.

ARTICLE: No preview available
After 20 years, we investigate if the Culture Vulture stands the test of time.

Preview Not Yet Available
An introduction and walkthrough of modular synthesis and how to use many of the modules.

Runtime: 8+ Hours
A complete rundown on the mastering process covering everything you need to know.

Runtime: 30 mins

Learn why the AKAI S950 is one of the most popular sampler for dance musicians.

Runtime: 16+ Hours
A complete walkthrough of how to produce mainroom (uplifting trance).

Runtime: 30 mins
Learn all about summing mixers and the difference they can make to your music.

Runtime: 3 Hours

Learn the theory behind subtractive analog synthesis, From oscillators to modulation matrix.

Runtime: 4 Hours
Learn about Native Instruments FM8; the most infamous & popular frequency modulation synthesizer.

Runtime: 4+ Hours
Learn the basics of additive synthesis with practical examples. And get creative with Razor.

Runtime: 12+ Hours
Produce Tech House with this step by step course covering everything you need to know.

Runtime: 10+ Hours

Learn the science and practice of Techno, and in particular DrumCode Techno.

Runtime: 10+ Hours
Learn how to produce & create professional dance rhythms & loops.

Runtime: 12 Hours
Learn how to create one of the more complex genres, with our step by step guide.

Runtime: 2.5 Hours
From basic parameters to more technical skills, learn everything about delay units.

Runtime: 12+ Hours

Learn how to design and create professional sounds, including synthesis and layering.

Runtime: 4 Hours
Learn an essential element of the quintessential sound of modern dance music.

Runtime 3.5 Hours
Learn how to improve the sound of your mixes by understanding reverb.

Runtime: 3.5 Hours
Learn about the science of sound, harmonic generation and how to use EQ properly in your music.

Runtime: 5.5 Hours

Learn how you can capture hit vocals in a dance hall or even a small bedroom.

Runtime 12+ Hours
Learn how to produce this genre with its soulful vocal snippets, & laid-back, deep feel music.

Runtime: 4 Hours
Learn all about Frequency Modulation Synthesis and how to program sounds using it.

Runtime 6+ hours
Obtain the skills to write, engineer and produce a remix for a club and radio airplay.

Runtime: 7+ Hours

Learn the theory behind progressive house so you can create your own style.

Runtime: 5+ Hours
Eveyrhting there is to know about the Virus Ti from set-up, different pages, parameters & functions.

Runtime: 3+ Hours
You want to create that amazing baseline for your music, then you need to learn the basics here.

Runtime: 4 Hours
Learn all about motifs and melodies, and how to create hooks for your music.

Runtime: 3.5 Hours

Learn the theory behind harmony so you can create chords and progressions in your music.

Runtime: 3.5 Hours
Learn how to use the parameters and functions on offer within Logic Pro Ultrabeat.

Runtime: 7+ Hours
Learn the practice of formal structure of music, so that your can arrange music faster.

Runtime: 4+ Hours
Learn the theory behind the drum rhythms, basslines, harmonies, melodies and vocals.

Runtime: 3 Hours

Ensure you know how to use all the parameters with the ES2 to create your own sounds.

Runtime: 1 Hour
The most essential plug-ins for your music, learn how to use the properly here.