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Access Virus TI

Learn how to master Virus TI.

We walk you through the Access Virus, which has grown to become one of the most influential synthesizers in the production of dance music.

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Course Details

The Access Virus has grown to become one of the most influential synthesizers in the production of dance music. Its distinctive sonic signature can be heard on thousands of dance records but being a particularly complex synthesizer it can take some time to understand all the parameters on offer.

For this sessions tutorial, we decipher the often bewildering array of parameters on offer and show how you can use the Virus Ti to its full potential.

We spend close to 5 hours walking you through Virus Ti and dissecting the interface tab by tab covering all the parameters on offer including the browser, the three oscillators and the different synthesis engines they offer. We discuss and examine the twin filters, the LFO’s, the modulation matrix, the Arp, the effects, the Atomizer and Vocoder. We even explain to you the often bewildering remote utility and ‘MIDI string programming’ showing how to control other synths, virtual Instruments and Plug-ins using the Virus hardware parameters.

Note: this tutorial concentrates on using the Ti integrated into the sequencer via its plug-in interface, it does not cover using the system as a standalone unit.

Course Contents

Session 01: 5 Mins.

Session 02: 16 Mins.

Virus TI basics.

Session 03: 33 Mins.
Classic Oscillators.

Session 04: 16 mins.

Session 05: 20 Mins.


Session 06: 21 Mins.
Granular & Formant

Session 07: 20 Mins.
Oscillators Again.

Session 08: 40 mins.
The Filters.

Session 09: 25 Mins.

LFO’s & Matrix.

Session 10: 12 Mins.

Session 11: 42 Mins.
FX Section.

Session 12: 17 mins.
Common & Patch.

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