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Cookie policy

English Law prohibits a man from marrying his mother-in-law. That’s a useless legislation.

And here’s another EU legislation…

We have to take time out of our busy schedule to program pop-ups to annoy as many of you as humanly possible. This time we’re got to bother you about cookies; small text files that are stored on your computers browser. When you visit us, we want to use these cookies to identify your computer.

Cookies help our website remember some minor details about your interaction with us. The data collected is completely anonymous so even if we wanted we couldn’t tell your wife, husband, civil partner, girlfriend, boyfriend or employer exactly what it is your “researching” on the Net these days. We need to use cookies to help you log-in to the site and/or forum and if your shopping with us, we use them to temporarily store what’s currently in the shopping basket and whereabouts in the order process your computer is as you move through our order system. Without these cookies, the website will probably appear to be really badly coded – you’ll be unable to register, log-in or shop with us.

If you choose to accept our cookies – even though it is anonymous data – we promise that we will never share this data with anyone. Ever. Forever. Besides, we pretty much spend most of our lives locked in a studio so we’re a bunch of sad loners who don’t know anyone anyway.

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