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Why should I join DMP?
We want to help you become a successful, knowledgeable artist and we have the expertise and background to do just that.
  • We are a recognized authority on the production of electronic dance music.
  • Our published work is used as reference material in colleges and universities worldwide.
  • We have over 30 years experience in this field.
  • We run a bespoke ghost production facility and a fully-fledged recording studio (Altar Studios).
  • We work with professional artists, DJ's and record labels on a regular basis.
  • We're well established. We have had an online presence since 2004.
We can't promise we'll make you a superstar, but we can increase your chances. Our reviews, testimonials, and recommendations across the internet speak for themselves.
How long are your tutorials?
The tutorials differ in size depending on the subject being discussed. They typically range from 60 minutes to over 16 hours.
What is the difference between a course and tutorial?
A course is only available through subscription while a tutorial can be purchased and downloaded without the need for a subscription. Both course and tutorial contain the same video content but a course employs a progress system so you can keep track of your own progress, and may also include Q&A challenges to further aid in cementing the information being presented.
Do you have any demo/example videos?
No, but by subscribing for one month you have immediate access to all our videos.
Will you still release tutorials as normal?
Yes. You can still purchase our tutorials as normal through the shop, although some of the regular monthly content will not be released for purchase.
Do the courses work on smart phones, tablets etc?
Yes, provided you have an internet connection the courses and video will stream to any device. To view on a desktop or laptop PC (or Mac) you will require Flash Player to be installed. Our website is device aware so if streaming to handheld devices it is streamed via HTML5 so will work on any mobile device or tablet. This includes iOS devices.
What DAW do you use?
We use Logic Pro in many tutorials, but this should not be a concern. We do not use any DAW specific plug-ins in our tutorials so that you can achieve the same results regardless of the DAW.
What are Achievements and Beatpoints?
Beatpoints are a points system that can be collected and exchanged for limited-edition samples and offers. You are awarded points for performing various actions such as watching a tutorial. You can also earn achievements for performing further actions. For example, watching a tutorial and gaining 100% on the quiz afterward will earn you an achievement. Achievements come with bonus beatpoints. All your achievements can be viewed in your account.
What payment options do you support?
Credit/Debit cards, PayPal and Bitcoin. If you already have a PayPal account, payments are immediate in a couple of clicks. If not, we can accept most major credit and debit cards. We employ the industry standard 256-bit GeoTrust Rapid SSL encryption that is dedicated to our site (it is not a shared certificate) so any online purchases are completely secure.
What is the Academy?
The Dance Music Academy is a structured training course. You can read more about it here
What do I receive if I subscribe?
By subscribing you will receive access to over 200+ hours of tutorial on the production of electronic dance music. These courses include topics on processing, effects, plug-ins, and genres ranging from Deep House through to Techno and Uplifting Trance with more added every month. These are not "rushed" 20-minute video tutorials, and many subjects run anywhere from 2 to 16 hours, so you receive a complete education on the subject.
How do courses work?
Once enrolled in the course of your choice, you'll be presented with videos and a progress bar that fills as you watch the videos and complete the challenges. At the end of the course, you'll receive a certificate of completion (that you can download and print) and your overall score throughout. Courses that you've enrolled in and/or completed will be shown in the course list so its easy to keep track of where you are. And if you really don't want to take part in a course and just watch the video - you can skip the questions and just work through the videos.
I own your tutorials already, should I subscribe?
The subscription area contains every DMP tutorial released to date but is also updated with new content every month.
How much is the subscription?
The subscription is £19.95 per month with a minimum 3-month term. Yearly subscription is £199.95
Is my subscription automated?
Yes. When you subscribe, payment will be taken on the same day every month unless you choose to cancel.
Can I download courses as a subscriber?
No. The course format employs server-side functions so courses cannot currently be accessed "offline". We are working on developing tablet and phone apps to accomplish this but currently, have no release schedule.
Can I download video tutorials as a subscriber?
No. You are subscribing to the online streaming courses, not the downloadable tutorials.
Can I watch on iOS or Android or Tablets?
Yes, all courses and tutorial videos are compatible with mobile devices.
Can I buy tutorials rather than subscribe?
Yes. If you don't wish to subscribe you can visit our shop and purchase the tutorials you're interested in.
What if I want to cancel my Subscription
You can cancel your subscription at any time provided you have completed your contractual subscription period. This is a minimum 3-month term. To cancel you can contact us direct at [email protected] If you wish to cancel, you must contact us at least 7-days before your renewal is due. Failure to do so may result in your account being charged for an additional month. We do not offer partial refunds for cancelling early. You will retain access to the membership area until your current subscription period expires.


The DM Manual

Where are the DVD Tutorials?
DVD tutorials have been discontinued. Many computers no longer feature DVD drives, and there was no longer sufficient demand to cover the costs to provide our tutorials on DVD. Tutorials can be purchased for immediate download or you can subscribe to watch them. Note that subscribers receive a discount if you wish to purchase the videos to store on your HD.
If I order, how long does it take to receive my product?
If you choose to subscribe, you'll receive access the moment you complete checkout. If you purchase a tutorial for electronic delivery, you'll receive an email within minutes with a link to the download, or you can go to your account and download it there.
I've Lost / Erased My Tutorials. What Now?
Your purchase covers the initial download bandwidth, and you have a limited window to download your purchase. Due to the size of the tutorials we do not offer "continual access". If you loose your tutorial through no fault of DMP (i.e. you accidentally delete them, lose them through a HD crash etc), you can request replacements. In order to qualify for a replacement you will need to provide evidence of your order. Additionally, you will be required to pay a small free to cover the bandwidth/admin costs we incur to re-issue your tutorials.
Can I resell my tutorials?
No. Our products are licensed to you and not sold. By purchasing any content, you agree to our licensing: License Agreement: The video/tutorial contents of all our tutorials on DVD and for download are licensed, not sold to you, the individual and end user, by Dance Music Production. Ownership at all times remains with Dance Music Production. This non-exclusive license, non-transferable license is granted to the individual end user who has purchased a registered and lawfully made release of our product from a distributor. The license expressly forbids resale, rental, loan, gift or transfer of the contents in any format or via any medium.
If I change my mind, can I have a refund?
We cannot offer refunds on digital downloads.
What is the Dance Music Manual?
The Dance Music Manual is our award-winning textbook published by Focal Press. It covers many topics related to the production of electronic dance music. You can read more about it here
Where can I buy the Dance Music Manual?
You can buy a copy of the book direct from our shop that will be shipped out to you. Alternatively, You can purchase it from most good bookstores (online or high street) such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Waterstones.
Can I have the Dance Music Manual in PDF?
The book is not "self published" and is only available in paperback or Kindle formats. Please don't complain to us about this, its the responsibility of our publishers - Taylor and Francis.
Do I need to read the book before watching the tutorials?
No, they are both independent of one another. You can read the book without the video courses and you can watch the courses without having read the book. However, having both so you can see how the theory and practice can relate to one another will no doubt be beneficial.
Are the tutorials a replacement for the DMM?
No, the Dance Music Manual is a completely different product to the tutorials. The Manual is written to introduce the reader to the production of dance music, discussing the theory behind topics such as compression, delay, synthesis, programming, sequencing, mixing and mastering. The tutorials show the practical applications of that theory.
Where are the resource files for the Manual?
The first and second edition resources are on the CD supplied with the book. The resource pack for all further editions are available to download here


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