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New Courses This Month

How to Write Hard House

Lean the strategies behind writing and producing Hard House in Cubase 10. In this fifth part we look at creating shakers & percussion, designing a pluck and creating pads from outdoor recordings.

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Producing House Music Pt.4

In the fourth instalment of building a house track in Ableton, you’ll learn how to how to add some more ear candy, how to mix using the faders up approach and how to reduce frequency masking.

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How to Write Dubstep

In the third part of this course, we’re looking into refining the builds, working more on fills and breakdown FX and concentrating on the all important second drop.

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Our Most Popular Courses

AKAI Samplers
They defined the sound of 90’s EDM and now they’re making a comeback. Learn how to sample with the classic hardware.

Chill Out: 7 Hours
Learn how to produce a commercially released chill out/pop crossover track from start to finish.

How to Mix EDM: 4 Hours
A complete course on how to approach a mix an EDM track for commercial release, from EQ to compression. Its all here.

Drums: 11 Hours
Learn how to create percussion, program kicks and howto build and process professional sounding drum loops.

Do the math.

Nobody starts producing EDM with the intention to fail, but if you learn from the wrong source you’re setting yourself up to do just that.


Of beginners who rely on hints and tips for music production fail in their music to soon complain they are missing “something”. A direct result of unstructured education.


Currently teaching EDM production have no qualifications in the subject, have a limited experience and a poor understanding of the theory.


Offering EDM mixing and mastering services are working from their bedrooms, using limited equipment in untreated spaces with nothing more than software. 

Our courses are structured and created by qualified professionals who are responsible for the leading textbook that is required or recommended reading by universities worldwide. We’ve been in the business 30 years, are EMTAS certified, and had an online presence for the past 16 years.

We also run a successful recording studio dedicated to EDM production, mixing and mastering that you can visit to learn and play. Featuring the latest software alongside hardware from Manley, TubeTech, Crane Song, API, SSL, Neve and Chandler, you can sit and learn next to industry professionals.


“It has completely revolutionised the way I think about and make music. In under 12 months I’ve had 8 tunes signed up and had tracks played out by the likes of Hernan Catteneo and Guy Mantzer. This stuff is the f*cking nuts.”

“DMP know their job. Techno tutorial is a piece of art on how a single bar can be optimized. The reverb tutorial and delay also a must without counting the fundamentals, creative juices.”

“Such a relaxed atmosphere, Rick has a way of teaching that brings your own creativity to the fore after laying down the processes and foundations to the nth degree. An incredible experience, if you ever feel the need to learn music production. Go.”

“My 2 weeks at Altar were unmatched. Its a professional studio run by fun, experienced and friendly staff. Anyone looking to fast track their career in music production should seriously consider this great opportunity!”

“Thank you for all the work and information you have shared throughout the tutorial series. Each has been easy to follow and the results to my production levels have noticeably grown, so much that I was asked to remix a track for a label and they have accepted it!”

“Great content, best course I ever had.
I had a lot of courses from different sources like Loopmasters, Groove3 and ADSR but this one is really the best I ever had. Very detailed and extensive.”

Specialists in EDM Production, Mixing & Tutoring

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