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DMP has completely revolutionised the way I think about and make music. In under 12 months I’ve had 8 tunes signed up and had tracks played out by the likes of Hernan Catteneo and Guy Mantzer. This stuff is the f*cking nuts….

Richard Bailey

Thank you for all the work and information you have shared throughout the tutorial series. Each has been easy to follow and the results to my production levels have noticeably grown, so much that I was asked to remix a track for a label and they have accepted it!


The tutorials are more than just tutorials to me. They are full of knowledge. At times, they are humorous. And most of all, they inspiring. That being said…thank you Rick and DMP crew for doing what you all have decided to do.

Suspect (Forum)

I so much agree to all what you guys have said here. I once posted here that what the nobel prize laureate Richard P Feynman did to take teaching physics to a whole new level Rick is doing for taking teaching production techniques to a complete new level.

Trance Dreamer (Forum)

I’m a subscriber of ADSR courses (should cancel my subscription), have taken courses from Groove3, Sonic Academy and many others. Honestly – nothing is close to DMP. Others might have better video cutters, better post production and a nicer design – but when it comes to the content, nothing beats the DMP courses. And I think it has to do with the attitude. Many courses out there are made by ex-students who just repeat what they’ve learned while studying. It ends up being a step-by-step instruction of “how you can do what I did”.

DMP on the other side is different. The goal is not to make the viewer produce the same boring track. It’s not about showing him how some tools work. It’s about reading between the lines, about transmitting the ideas behind the work Rick does. And he does it really well. Other tutorials are made like if someone filmed a class in a school; the DMP courses are made if you’ve just joined a producer in the studio and have a nice talk. And – honestly, that’s just what you can learn the most from. I’ve learned most of the technical stuff I know from my study, but the creative stuff all comes from talking, watching the process, asking questions and finding my own answers. It’s what many other tutorials miss. DMP transfer the idea, not only the instructions.


DMP is the most comprehensive online resource around. They share information unconditionally. Run by true artists..

Sister Gun

Once again Rick & co bring a level of understanding to subjects that can sometimes be overwhelming. Everything is covered here in depth from instrument synthesis to processing chains, right through to arrangement. Once again DMP shine a light on the missing pieces of the puzzle that help to take your tracks to the next level..

K. Symth

I’ve been trying to get signed for 2 years, after watching lots of videos and reading a couple of books my skills did not improve rather declined because I got confused by all those commercial videos and books which just wasted my money and time. Then by accident I saw DMM 2nd edition on web and I bought it, after reading it i bought 5 tutorials. I bought all the tools you used, I opened my sequencer and made 2 tracks. I sent them to the record label which didn’t even answer me before for my previouse demos, they answered in less than 24hours, they were so surprised they couldn’t believe I was a newcomer, they signed me for my release plus 3 of my future releases with a good royalty fee and 50 percent of all the earnings.


Deep house tutorial is rich, including materials. You will find Gigas of How to and techniques from scratch to the arrangement. DMP know their job. Techno tutorial is a piece of art on how a single bar can be optimized. The reverb tutorial and delay also a must without counting the fundamentals, creative juices.

Adrian. T

I bought the DDM 1st edition & then joined the forum, waited a long time for the first tutorials to be produced but they were more than worth te wait. I am nowhere near pro standard ut with Ricks teachings I am more advanced than I ever could have been doing things on my own. The amount of time and effort put into the tutorials is far superior to anything else I’ve ever came across, Rick & the DMP team deserve so much credit & praise for this

Bru (Forum)

The tutorials are wicked and I’d like to thank the DMP team for putting these together and especially to Rick for presenting the techniques in a unique style that is streets ahead of any other tutorials that I’ve ever watched! I’ve been learning from friends, searching the internet and reading books about dance music production for a few years now but I’ve never really progressed at a great rate.

That’s until the tutorials from DMP were delivered to my door. I just happened to come across the first edition DMP manual that I bought years ago and realised that there was a website associated with the book. At first, I wasn’t expecting anything exciting. So I checked it out, noticed the shop, read the testimonials on the tutorials and decided to take the risk and part with my hard earned cash instead of buying that new synth.

Wow! They’re the best investment I could’ve ever made! I’m so glad I took the time to go to the website. I was sceptical at first and I’d thought I’d taken a pricey gamble, but that initial anxiety couldn’t be further from the truth. So thanks again guys and keep up the great work!

Strawberry (Forum)

If you can find a Mastering tutorial that covers the subject quite so thoroughly I may faint in surprise. It’s going to take me a while, and probably a couple of repeat viewings to digest everything. Recommended..

Andy Buchanan

The best Tutorial i ever did, i learned a bunch of new stuff from Rick.
He goes in depth when he needs to, also the first episodes,on music theory and chords, are incredibly good to get a good musical foundation.
I also bought the Synth tutorials, if they are as good as this one I’m in for a treat !
Keep up the good work !

Kenneth Cop

The tutorials that I have purchased are of an incredible quality and I would like to thank you for putting these tutorials together. I am currently studying music production at university and am finding that some of the concepts that are covered in your tutorials have not been taught that well in our lectures.

I am a subscriber to Macpro and also whilst I find that there are one or two OK tutorials on there, the vast majority turn out to be very vague, a bit of a waste of valuable time and they don’t go in to the level of detail that your tutorials delve in to. I stumbled across your website and after seeing some example clips and checking over the testimonials I decided to take a gamble on them because higher education, despite the now increased tuition fees, is not giving me the full picture and I am beginning to feel very short changed for the time, money and investment that I have already put in to learning about this stuff.

Your EQ and compression sessions that I have studied so far have really helped me to comprehend these tools immensely and have certainly been well worth the money spent. Every tutorial that I watch has to be beneficial, every penny has to count and thankfully so far, your tutorials have proved to be well worth it. I look forward to your future releases and am especially interested in getting my hands on the dimensional mixing tutorial when it becomes available. You have a fantastic way of explaining some of the complex principles and theories behind music production and sound engineering, simplifying them enough for someone like me to be able to grasp, understand and apply them in my own situations, so again many thanks!

Alex. P

Great content, best course I ever had.
I had a lot of courses from different sources like Loopmasters and ADSR but this one is really the best I ever had. Very detailed and extensive.

Stefan Lutze

Another top notch tutorial by DMP! Rick is truly a master of his craft, and it has been a pleasure learning from him!

Mike Mikeska

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