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We don’t skim over the surface, offer inaccurate or incomplete information and we don’t pretend to reveal the ‘secrets’ of dance music – that’s nothing more than an overused sales pitch. But as you’ve no doubt come to realise, there’s more to producing dance music than following some superficial tutorial about throwing in pre-prepared samples, tweaking presets and relying on your sequencers free plug-ins to produce a professional track.

The fact is producing dance music is an intricate and multifaceted process involving a vast number of finely honed musical production skills and techniques. Even an apparently simple drum loop in dance music makes use of numerous complex production techniques including dissonance, displacement, ambiguity, asymmetry, tuning and modulation. These techniques form the fundamental building blocks of any professional dance music rhythm yet they have never been covered or discussed in any other dance music tutorial. We discussed it first.

Written by Rick Snoman; producer, remixer and author of the Multi-Award winning and best selling Dance Music Manual, our tutorials stand apart by showing you how professional dance music is really produced. With over 20 years experience in this specialist field our mission is simple; ‘cut the crap’ and focus on showing you the real world, vital practices that are quite simply a requirement for producing today’s dance music.

There are no ‘secrets’ and we can’t guarantee you the next number one hit if you watch our tutorials – that’s down to your creativity and skill – but we can open your eyes to the often bewildering array of techniques that are involved and we can guarantee your music will sound better using them! Take some time to read our customer testimonials, read our FAQ and watch some of our sample videos – we think you’ll soon begin to understand not only why professional artists choose to buy from us but also why we’re often described as the best kept secret for those serious about their art.

“DMP has completely revolutionised the way I think about and make music. In under 12 months I’ve had 8 tunes signed up and had tracks played out by the likes of Hernan Catteneo and Guy Mantzer. This stuff is the f*cking nuts”
-R. Bailey

Latest Tutorial Releases

Tutorial: Hardstyle

Hardstyle mixes influences from hard trance, hard house and hardcore. One of the more aggressive forms of dance music often employing a hard, distorted (“barking”) kick drum mixed amongst melodic leads and binary motifs. It is also one of the more complex genres of dance music for artists to produce, requiring knowledge of a number of techniques including unusually excessive EQ, judicious frequency specific distortion, detuning, sound design and synthesis layering. Running over 11 hours, this tutorial had to be divided into three discs.


Tutorial: Frequency Modulation (FM) Sound Design

FM synthesis is often viewed as one of the more complex areas of synthesis but has recently grown to become one of the most creative forms too. Offering more sonic capabilities than subtractive synthesis, Frequency Modulation has become a preferable alternative to subtractive for many musicians and sound designers who want to introduce a larger sound palette into their work and productions. For Synthesis 2, we avoid the math and look at the practical sound design applications of frequency modulation.


Tutorial: Counterpoint in Electronic Dance Music

Counterpoint is one of the more complex musical theories and therefore often bypassed by many but its theory lays down the foundations musical relationships between different melodies. An understanding of the theory reveals how to create a working relationship between a bass and melody (rather than one following the other note for note, pitch for pitch), and is employed by many artists including Deadmau5 and Sasha to produce a complex musical relationship between multiple melodies.

“Just wanted to drop you a quick message to say thank you for all the work and information you have shared throughout the DVD series. Each has been easy to follow and the results to my production levels have noticeably grown, so much that I was asked to remix a track for a label and they have accepted it!”
-Nifty (Forum)

Tutorial: Formal Structure in Electronic Dance Music

Continuing our best selling series on the Fundamental production techniques for dance producers comes volume 6: Dance Music – Song Structure and Arranging. We’ve all been there. You have a killer 8 or 16 bars but building an entire track from them isn’t as easy as it first appears. For Fundamental 6 we examine the theory and practice behind arranging dance music. Beginning with an examination of the theory behind phrasing and response, we move on to discuss sonata form, energy, development, recapitulation, motion, contour and anticipation.

“For anyone wondering whether or not this DVD is for you, or if it is worth the price. Let me tell you that you will not find quality of this caliber anywhere else!”

Tutorial: Recording & Editing Vocals

Pretty much anyone can record great vocals if you have access to a professional studio, a vocal booth and £1,000′s of equipment but what if you’re a home producer? For this tutorial we go out into the field to discuss and show how best to set-up and record vocals from a home producers perspective. We examine the different microphone types, preamps, the importance of impedance and also look at how to construct your own reflection filter for recording. We then show how to record vocals in a dance hall and a bedroom, followed by how to sit them into a mix.

“The amount of time and effort put into the tutorials is far superior to anything else i’ve ever came across, Rick & the DMP team deserve so much credit & praise for this.”

Tutorial: Access Virus Ti

The Access Virus has grown to become one of the most influential synthesizers in the production of dance music. For this sessions tutorial we decipher the often bewildering array of parameters on offer and show how you can use the Virus Ti to its full potential.Used by a huge variety of artists from Oakenfold to Sasha, to Dr Dre and Radiohead its has grown to be one the most popular synthesizers on the market. But despite its popularity and reputation it still remains a mystery to many artists due to the vast array of functions on offer.

Tutorial: Sessions EQ

For Sessions 06 and due to popular request, we discuss and examine EQ in the detail you’ve come to expect from DMP. With a focus on its use in the production of dance music we lift the lid on one of the most useful yet most mix destroying processors ever conceived, EQ is one of the fundamental tools in music production and the main ingredient for producing a great final mix. However, it also happens to be one of the most misunderstood, misused, over used, under used, abused processors available.

“ …its true what they say….its like sitting in on the projects with the pro`s!”
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