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Dance Music Production was founded in 2003 after we were continually disappointed with such poor quality education on the subject. Today, we work hard to produce the highest quality, informative video tutorials available and our textbook, the Dance Music Manual, has earned a place as required reading on many university courses.

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We’re Different.

The internet is deluged with electronic dance music tutorials, many that make promises they can’t keep. There are no secrets to music production, and nobody can guarantee you a hit record. Moreover, many tutorials are created by artists with no qualifications. This can make it very difficult to accurately explain the theories, methods, techniques or even decisions. The end result; you waste your time (and money) learning misguided dogmas and practicing them to mastery. The cost of doing it wrong increases learning time and leaves you confused, frustrated, and now on our website looking for answers…

It’s our aim to clear that confusion and give you a real education. We don’t regurgitate information that we don’t fully understand, and we won’t teach you how to surf presets or use pre-sampled loops. Instead, you will learn from experienced, qualified professionals. Forget learning the “latest techniques” – by the time you learn them – they’re dated. Learn the techniques and the underlying theory so you can create your own and develop as a professional artist in less time.

We’re Proven.

For the past 25 years we’ve run an established recording studio and ghost production facility. And have an extensive history in electronic dance music and education; this year we’re celebrating our 15th online anniversary of D.M.P. We hold seminars and lectures in colleges and universities for both students and tutors, we have held talks at the Audio Engineering Society and our textbook has won awards and accolades.

The Dance Music Manual (published via Routledge) was first released in 2004. Now in its fourth edition, it has been translated into numerous languages, remained on Amazon’s bestseller for electronic music and is considered by professionals as the definitive reference text. It is also the only textbook on the production of electronic dance music to qualify a place on the reading lists of many universities and colleges.

dance music manual

We Stand Apart.

Great artists innovate, poor artists imitate. But innovation requires a fundamental understanding of the underlying techniques. A featured artist hosting a tutorial is great for marketing but without formal training, few can explain the reasons for their decisions beyond they saw it on youtube. This offers very little educational benefit to you. And, if you’re left with questions, who do you ask?

Between the Manual and our tutorials, we have trained thousands of artists and producers, a number who are now “featured artist” tutors. Rather than rely on second-hand information, come directly to the source. Learn the core concepts and take your music further. And if you have questions, our monthly subscription contains video Q&A sessions, and you can always ask us anything directly.


Spread the word! We’ve always concentrated on creating quality, informational tutorials than aggressive marketing strategies so we’ve grown through word of mouth. If you know someone who wants to learn about electronic music production please invite them to join us! This could be a personal message, a post to a group (please don’t spam) or if you make use of social media and really like what we’re doing we’d love a shout out! You can find us on Facebook here.

Dance Music Production is committed to maintaining high educational standards and business practices.