5 Reasons to Prioritize Music in Your Life

5 Reasons to Prioritize Music in Your Life by Paisley Hansen Freelance Writer

Everyone enjoys music, but it’s often viewed as nothing more than a hobby or leisure activity. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Music can help increase your quality of life in many ways which is a great reason to prioritize it. Your mental and physical health are affected by so many factors in life and music has the ability to increase your overall health and lifestyle in a variety of facets.

Increased Memory

Music can have a powerful influence on one’s memory. It can help to preserve memory as well as combat the effects of memory loss. It’s one of the many reasons that music therapy is such a quickly growing field. Music stays with you which can help to both increase and preserve memory function. Music makes a highly beneficial therapy device for those with dementia and Alzheimers for this reason. There are many ways that music can be used to help with your memory. Some require engagement and others just require being present. If in a therapy setting, most will be required to engage, but just the simple act of listening to music can help with memory. There are options that exist for everyone to help with memory preservation.


Music is a mood enhancer. It releases endorphins in your body to increase overall mood. No matter how you choose to interact with music, this remains true. Play the music yourself or listen to someone else’s; either way, the effect remains. Music can be used to regulate emotions and is a useful therapeutic tool for many. Many people with depression even cite music as a life-saving device. While some music may cause negative feelings in some individuals, even sad music has the ability to increase mood.

Dexterity and Muscle Control

Those who learn to play an instrument have increased dexterity. Instruments require increased control with your hands. They increase muscles within the fingers that aren’t strengthened through many other activities. Practicing instruments have even been shown to reduce the effects of inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. These regular movements are gentle and keep up muscle control which can be extremely beneficial as you age.

Improve Lung Health

There’s a myth that singing and playing wind instruments can hurt your lungs and cause breathing issues. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Singing and wind instruments both increase breath control and lung capacity. They teach breathing exercises and techniques as you advance in skill. It’s even recommended that you do daily breathing exercises when you regularly participate in these hobbies. The increased lung capacity allows you to better project your voice which is useful not only in singing but in everyday life and public speaking as well. Posture is a big part of singing and playing wind instruments so your posture improves in the process as well. Music is one of the most beneficial hobbies you can choose if you desire to increase your lung health.

Relaxation and Stress Relief

Music is a great way to relax. Listening or playing music can make time seem to melt away. Plus, live music can make a great mini getaway. It can reduce stress and help you sleep better. All of these are factors in improved mental health. Though you can feel free to experiment with what music works best for you, classical music is typically considered the best choice when you’re trying to therapeutically use it for these purposes. These properties are some of the main reasons that people enjoy music so much. However, experiment with what works for you.


Music is so much more than just a leisurely hobby. It increases mood, overall health, and quality of life. Don’t let anyone write off your experience when it comes to music because it’s scientifically proven to be more than just a placebo. Make music a priority to make a change for the better. Live your best life with this important part of human existence.

Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer and expert in music and fashion. When she isn’t writing she can usually be found reading a good book or hitting the gym.

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