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The secrets of successful artists. 

Everybody seems to be promising to reveal the secrets of electronic dance music production. Or they’ll offer you the shortcuts you need to become a successful artist fast…for a price, of course. So here’s those secrets and shortcuts for free.

Secrets & Shortcuts.

OK. We’re just going to come out and say it; there are no secrets to being successful. Sure, there are production techniques and methodologies that work, but they’re not secrets. And we can guarantee that by the time you’ve learned about them, so have about half a million other artists. And they’re not all successful artists either…

And unfortunately, the only shortcuts to creating great music are those keyboard shortcuts on your DAW. Research has shown that quick tips and random techniques actually slows your learning process. So, you only end up frustrated and feeling like you’re going in circles.

There is a good reason you learn the alphabet before you learn how to spell. It teaches you a fundamental approach so you can decipher any words you’re presented with. The exact same approach applies to music production. By understanding the tools and the various aesthetics, you can decipher techniques, create your own, and learning comes at an accelerated rate.

So how do you become successful?

The only place where success comes before work is in a dictionary. No amount of books, tutorials or courses are going to turn you into an overnight sensation. If you want to be successful, you should follow the 4 tenets of success:

Each of these will help you master your craft. They award you the knowledge and confidence to develop techniques that are individual to you. And that is the only real secret. Of course, nobody wants to tell you this that otherwise, you won’t keep coming back for more tips and tricks.

The fact is, your development isn’t possible if you spend all your time watching videos of various tips and techniques. You need to understand the underlying theories behind audio production in order to truly develop as an artist. And while we can’t do the practicing for you, we do have over 25+ years experience to teach you the theory and practice behind music production. We place a strong focus on the why, not just the how. Between our award-winning book and courses, we will help you become a professional artist and producer.

Read the Manual.

We’re bound to recommend our own book but don’t take our word for it. It’s been in Amazon’s top-ten electronic music production books since its first edition in 2004. Now in its fourth edition, it’s recommended by magazines, artists, and producers all over the web. And its also required or recommended reading at many universities and colleges.

We wrote the manual because research has shown that for students to learn quickly and develop, they require access to a rich body of content that is both connected and well-organized. We carefully organized its contents and chapters to introduce you to all the topics and theory involved in electronic music production. It begins with an introduction of the digital audio workstation and works through all of the important subjects. These include audio interfaces, speaker monitors, and synthesizers through to compression, mixing and sound design.

Dance Music Production is committed to maintaining high educational standards and business practices.