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The Definitive Textbook

The award winning, world-leading textbook for electronic music production for over 20 years, the dance music manual has won multiple awards, nominated for technology book of the year and is required or recommended reading at most educational instituions.

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Required Reading.

The Dance Music Manual was first published in 2004 by Focal Press. It was the only book at that time to explore the real-world application of electronic dance music production. Its aim was to introduce producers to the technology, core concepts, and techniques, giving them a solid grounding to start.

Fast forward 20 years, and the book, now in its fourth edition (the fifth edition in September 2024), has become the world-leading textbook on electronic music production. It is required reading in colleges and universities worldwide and considered by many professionals as the definitive reference and resource text. It has been translated into seven languages, won awards, was shortlisted as Outstanding Technical Book of the Year, and comes highly recommended by ToolRoom Records, Mix Magazine, Music Tech Magazine, Freshly Squeezed Samples, Equipboard, Underground Production, Production expert and many others. It is suitable for anyone looking to produce dance music, including beginners.

The Dance Music Manual 4th Edition

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Chapter Contents

Chapter 1:
The Studio Centre Piece

Chapter 2:
The Audio Interface

Chapter 3:
Monitors and headphones

Chapter 4:
Hearing Protection

Chapter 5:
Frequency and Amplitude

Chapter 6:

Chapter 7:
FM and wavetables

Chapter 8:
Modular Synthesis

Chapter 9:
The Theory of Sound Design.

Chapter 10:

Chapter 11:

Chapter 12:

Chapter 13:<

Chapter 14:
Mixing Desk Structure

Chapter 15:
Hybrid Studios

Chapter 16:
Fundamentals of Rhythm

Chapter 17:
Kicks and Percussion

Chapter 18:
Drum Loops

Chapter 19:
Fundamentals of Music Theory

Chapter 20:

Chapter 21:
Composing and Designing Strings

Chapter 22:
Composing and Designing Leads

Chapter 23:
Composing and Designing Bass

Chapter 24:
Sound Effects

Chapter 25:

Chapter 26:
Formal Structure in Dance Music

Chapter 27:
House Music

Chapter 28:

Chapter 29:
Uplifting Trance

Chapter 30:

Chapter 31:
Chill Out

Chapter 32:
Drum & Bass

Chapter 33:

Chapter 34:
Mixing Theory

Chapter 35:
Mixing Practice

Chapter 36:

Chapter 37:
Publishing and Promotion

Chapter 38:
A DJ’s Perspective

Chapter 39:

The Dance Music Manual is available from most good bookstores in paperback, hardback and also in electronic format. You can buy the paperback version from our Publisher and they will ship it directly to your door. For the Kindle electronic version, you will need to purchase directly from Amazon.

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