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This course focuses on the methods and production techniques behind writing, engineering and producing a professional remix for club and radio airplay. Here, we introduce yet another first for music production tutorials by remixing a top-selling commercial music track. Throughout this tutorial, we remix a top 40 commercial hit from start to finish – a track our production company was previously requested to remix for promotional purposes and have kindly been given permission to once again access the original multi-track files for the purpose of this tutorial.

Recorded over a period of a week, the DVD runs through the creation of a professional remix from a blank sequencer to the final arrangement and has been edited and split into sessions divulging the vital topics you should consider when remixing. These include aspects such as considering the original direction, what record companies want, the market, what to listen out for, key signatures, transcribing structures, tuning, time-stretching, pitching, the manipulation and re-interpretation of motifs, maintaining feel, drum timbres, bass conception and execution, leads, audio manipulation, vocal editing, processing, effects and remixing arrangement techniques.

In addition, we also discuss how to start remixing and the tricky subject of copyright and remixing fees. And all in the detail and real-world application you’ve come to expect from us at Dance Music Production. This tutorial also includes project files and MIDI (but does not include the original commercial multi-tracks).

Runtime: Over 6 Hours

An introduction to the tutorial

Session 01: Remxing 101
In this first session, we discuss the starting points of remixing and the challenges you’re likely to meet.

Session 02: Remix Formats
Here we examine the different formats you can expect to receive from a record company.

Session 03: Tempo & Transcribing
For this session we examine time stretching, tempo and transcribing the original instruments into MIDI.

Session 04: The Kick
Here we begin to structure the basic kick drum for the remix

Session 05: Generating Ideas
Here we come up with some ideas for the remix and discuss how you consider the parts when remixing.

Session 06: Programming Drums
With the ideas down, we begin to remix by programming the drum rhythm for the track

Session 07: The Bass Groove
We further augment the rhythm by adding a bass groove to the mix..

Session 08: Lead Synthesis
For this session we begin to program and synthesize the lead instruments for the remix..

Session 09 - 13: Arranging & Vocal Processing
For these five sessions, we arrange the remix and begin to process the vocals from the original.

Session 10: Remxing Notes
Here, we discuss how to begin remixing and the payments involved.


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