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Dance Music Production are one of the leading educational websites for electronic dance musicians of all skill levels. Alongside our studios (Altar) we’ve been educating producers since 2003. Read more about our team here.

Rick Snoman

Founder | Altar Recording Studios | Logic Pro X Trainer | Ph.D

Rick is an award winning author, producer and remixer.

An iTunes certified mastering engineer with a Ph.D in audio technology, he has close to 30 years experience working in both private and commercial studios world-wide. Specialising in electronic dance music, he has remixed numerous artists including Britney Spears and Kylie Minogue while his ghost production work for international DJ’s have earned millions of views on youtube. His recording studios – Altar (based in a converted church), regularly records, engineers and masters music for a variety of electronic dance music artists and labels including Sony, Warner and Polydor.

His textbook, the Dance Music Manual, has won awards, critical acclaim and accolade across the electronic music industry. Translated in five languages, it is recognised as the industry standard textbook and required or recommend reading at many international educational institutions including Harvard, Yale and Cambridge.

Rick is also co-chair of Electronic Dance Music for the Audio Engineering Society, a member of their Education Committee and regularly talks at colleges, universities and at AES conventions. He was also keynote speaker on EDM at NAMM 2020.

Alex “Hobbitses”

Founder | Altar Recording Studios | Mix Engineer | BSc

Alexandra is co-owner of Dance Music Production and co-founder of Altar Recording Studios, the worlds first recording studio dedicated to electronic musicians.

A qualified and practicing Audiologist with over 18 years experience, she specialises as a tinnitus retraining therapist for music professionals, advising on hearing protection and hearing loss.

Alex is on both the education and historical committee, and co-chair of Electronic Dance Music for the Audio Engineering Society. She presented at A.E.S Dublin 2019 alongside Rick about developing educational standards to ensure accurate and appropriate training for all EDM producers.

Alex also contributed to the internationally published Dance Music Manual 4th edition written by Rick Snoman, as well as acting as artist manager for Rick she is also currently training as a mix engineer. 

Her nickname is because she’s only small, not because she has furry feet.


Resident Ableton Trainer

Jesse began music production in 1989 and soon became heavily involved in the house music scene in the early 90’s.

Honing his skills as an engineer he then started to help produce other DJs besides working on his own material. After working for years as an engineer for various DJs he was signed to the largest independent dance music label in the world, Hooj Choons.

He’s since remixed artists like Oliver Lieb and UNKLE to name a few.

Support has come from DJs such as Sasha, John Digweed, Paul Oakenfold, James Lavelle, Sister Bliss, Groove Armada, Eric Morrillo, Laidback Luke, the list goes on.

His work has appeared on labels such as Sony, Universal and the famed Global Underground DJ compilation series, BBC, and more.


Resident Cubase Trainer

Joaquin Ace is originally from South Africa, but currently living in the USA where he spends his daily life, in addition to music production, as a scientist (but doesn’t play one on TV).

A signed artist (Hard House) he enjoys listening to a wide variety of music, including AC/DC, Metallica, White Zombie, Collective Soul, Offspring, Trancemaster CD’s and trance/techno vinyl recordings from the 90’s and early 2000’s.

He likes interacting with supporters. The word “followers” sounds too cult-like to him.


Resident Ableton Trainer

Transmuting rhythmic glitches, sweeping strings, and existential lyrics, Tom is taking on a brash excursion into modern dance. Striking a balance between melancholy, emotional sequences and forward-thinking sound choices, his music has garnered the support from some of the worlds biggest DJs and dance music enthusiasts.

Breakout vocal track “Train to Nowhere” (feat. Mickey Shiloh) received a World Premiere on A State of Trance from Armin van Buuren, Grammy-nominated producer and a five-time #1 DJ in the world. As remixed by Photographer, “Train to Nowhere’” won the fan-polled “Future Favorite” by a landslide 47% — putting it in the Top 5 highest voted tracks on the show for 2017.

Support for Tom has come from all angles — including the mainstage regulars (Armin van Buuren, Blasterjaxx, APEK), core dance blogs (YourEDM, ThisSongSlaps), and underground tastemakers (Sean Tyas, John Askew, Photographer, Greg Downey). A trained engineer, he is among a maturing class of new-school dance producers — bringing both emotional depth and raw passion into the crosshairs of every production.

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