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Advanced Dynamics

Learn about Dynamics.

An introduction and complete detailed walkthrough of Dynamics in music. This course covers noise gates, expanders, transient designers, de-essers and compression. With this course, you will learn how to use and hear them.

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Course Details

For Advanced Dynamics we walk through all of the available dynamic processors, consisting of noise gates, compressors, expanders, limiters, transient designers and de-essers.

You will learn how to use each of these processors, both creatively and to repair problems, and you will also learn the differences between upward and downward compression, feed-forward and feed-back designs, and upward and downard expansion. 

Alongside an in-depth walkthrough of the parameters of each dynamic processor, you will learn how to listen for dynamic manipulation, and how to identify what its doing to your sound.

Course Contents

Session intro: 2 Mins.
Advanced Dynamics Intro.

Session 01: 11 Mins.

The importance of dynamics

Session 02: 24 Mins.
Noise Gates

Session 03: 15 Mins.
Creative Gates.

Session 04: 18 Mins.
How to use compressors.

Session 05: 19 Mins.

How to hear compression.

Session 06: 40 Mins.
Compressing drums and loops

Session 07: 25 Mins.
Compressing bass

Session 08: 25 Mins.
Vocal compression.

Session 09: 20 Mins.

More vocal compression.

Session 11: 30 Mins.
Mix Bus Compression

Session 12: 25 Mins.
More on compression.

Session 13: 15 Mins.
How to use expanders.

Session 14: 10 Mins.

How to use transient designers.

Session 06: 10 Mins.
How to use De-Essers

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