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ES2 (Logic Pro)

Learn how to use the ES2 .

You want to know how to use the ES2 to its full potential then you need to watch this tutorial.

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Course Details

You want to know how to use the ES2 to its full potential then you need to watch this tutorial.

The ES2, Logics own inbuilt version of the Access Virus (unofficial) is perhaps the most powerful synthesizer that is provided with Logic Pro but its distinctive sonic character is evident in countless professional EDM records and film soundtracks.
Described as a ‘workhorse synthesizer’ and often the “go to” instrument for many professional artists who work in Logic Pro 7, 8, 9 or X, it has been used to provide sounds for a multitude of genres from Trance to Dubstep all the way through to House, Techno, and Tech House.

Due to an outstanding number of requests, for this sessions tutorial, we lift the lid off the ES2 synthesizer. You will learn about its synthesis engine in detail, discussing the subtractive, FM and pulse width engine alongside discussing its filters, envelopes, XY, extensive modulation options and the all-important “Vector Synthesis Engine”. This Vector Engine is perhaps the least understood aspect of the ES2 but also one of the most powerful sound design tools you can have in your arsenal, allowing you to automate how a timbre evolves and mutates over time.

Course Contents

Session 01: 50 Mins.
Oscillators: An in-depth examination of the ES2′s three Oscillators.

Session 02: 25 Mins.

The Filters:The FM and both serial and parallel configurations.

Session 03: 25 Mins.
The Envelopes: We examine the three envelopes.

Session 04: 25 Mins.
Basic Modulation: The LFO’s, the Modulation Matrix and Routing.

Session 05: 27 Mins.

Vector Envelopes: One of the most powerful features.

Session 06: 10 Mins.
The Output Section: This session concentrates on the output section.

Session 07: 25 Mins.
Theory In Programming: Programming of a couple of timbres.

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