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Learn how to get Professional sounding Drums.

Produce professional drum loops – the ultimate 10-hour video guide to programming drum rhythms for all forms of electronic dance music..

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Course Details

Drums are the foundation of all electronic dance music so knowing how to produce them is paramount to your success as an artist. Running over 10 hours, Fundamental Drums will teach you all the advanced techniques that go into the creation of drum loops, programming, and rhythm in a detail you won’t find anywhere else.

Our tutorial starts with sound design for kicks, snares, claps, and hi-hats through layering and synthesis, showing you how the professional artists program their sounds. We then move on to producing professional loops and rhythms, starting with the basics we guide you through the four to the floor with uses of modulation and then go into the advanced techniques of rhythm subjects such as meter, variation, quantization and humanizing.

By constructing a number of drum loops in the tutorial, you’ll learn how to make random samples “glue” together to produce a cohesive professional loop, understand how to create complex hi-hat patterns, and how to implement swing, groove, acoustic fills, and rolls. Plus, you’ll also learn the importance of dynamics, logarithmic patterning, sequential programming, drive, tempo changes, live MIDI drum recording (basic finger drumming), pitch processing and the uses and tuning practice behind fifth, seventh and ninth drums and their uses in today’s electronic dance music.The tutorial finishes with a closer examination and importance of buss processing, including the latest techniques such as mid/side reverb and expansion alongside compression, delay, buss EQ, distortion & modulation.

Course Contents

Session 01: 20 Mins.
Rhythm & Meter: A look at some basic music theory.

Session 02: 52 Mins.

Sound Design 1 – How to layer multiple kicks.

Session 03: 40 Mins.
Sound Design 2 – Kick Synthesis.

Session 04: 48 Mins.
Sound Design 3, claps and snares through layering.

Session 05: 42 Mins.

Sound Design 4: How to create hi-hats.

Session 06: 62 Mins.
Four to the Floor: Learn how to create a typical rhythm.

Session 07: 40 Mins.
Groove and Swing: Employing them in drum rhythms.

Session 08: 30 Mins.
Triplets & Sequential: The application & creating.

Session 09: 32 Mins.

Ghosts N Stuff: the application of ghost notes.

Session 10: 30 Mins.
Rhyme Scheme & Tempo: examining the theory.

Session 11: 15 Mins.
Finger Drumming: few simple finger drumming techniques.

Session 12: 48 Mins.
Breakbeat Patterns: using logarithmic algorithms.

Session 13: 30 Mins.

Half-Time Breaks: employing halftime during breaks.

Session 14: 33 Mins.
Infusing Samples: Improving the groove.

Session 15: 45 Mins.
Rolls and Fills: build acoustic rolls and fills.

Session 16: 45 Mins.
Bus Processing: Mid/side expansion and reverb.

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