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Native Instruments FM8

Learn how to master Native Instrument FM8

A walkthrough of the Native Instruments FM8.

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Course Details

A complete walkthrough of the Native Instruments FM8. Introducing all of its features and functions, in order to prepare you for learning how to program Frequency Modulation.

Course Contents

Session 01: 23 Mins.
The Nav Bar.

Session 02: 11 Mins.

The Browser.

Session 03: 23 Mins.
Easy Page.

Session 04: 31 Mins.
The Effects.

Session 05: 19 Mins.

The master page.

Session 06: 19 Mins.
The Arpeggiator.

Session 07: 26 Mins.
The Operators.

Session 08: 10 Mins.
The Matrix.

Session 09: 19 Mins.

The X and Y.

Session 10: 7 Mins.
The Pitch Envelope.

Session 11: 16 Mins.
The Modulation Matrix.

Session 12: 14 Mins.

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