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Sound Toys

Learn about sound toys.

For this episode, we take a look at the SoundToys plug-ins.

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Course Details

For this edition of Spotlight, we examine what are perhaps the most infamous collection of plug-ins used by almost all professional producers – the Soundtoys Plug-ins. This edition starts with Tremolator and also covers Filterfreak 1 & 2, Phase Mistress, and Crystalizer. Every parameter on each interface is explained along with the effects that each will impart to the audio being processed.

Note: This release only discusses the Tremolator, Phase Mistress, Filterfreak (1 & 2) and the Crystalizer. It does not cover SoundToys Echoboy, Panman, Decapitator or the Boutique plug-ins. Echoboy is covered in detail in the Sessions: Delay Tutorial.

Course Contents

Session 01: 22 Minutes.

Session 02: 34 Minutes.

Phase Mistress.

Session 03: 29 Minutes.

Session 04: 20 minutes.

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