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Tech House

Learn how to create Tech House.

This module shows you how to create the bases for that Tech House gene that you love to listen to. We will give you the skills to use when creating your own Tech House music.

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Course Details

Combining both House and Techno, Tech House can be described as featuring hard/deep basslines and hypnotic beats mixed with the harmonies, melodies or vocal attributes of house music. Spread across 3 Modules we believe this to be our most comprehensive tutorial to date. Using numerous examples, we examine the production of this genre step by step with a focus on the Tech House style signed to labels such as Toolroom Trax, Suara, and Deeperfect.

Module one of our release is dedicated to the drums and bass. Throughout the sessions, we examine the importance of sound design and rhythm in order to produce the hypnotic groove that Tech house relies upon. We cover drum synthesis, leveling, layering, duplication, sampling layering and slicing, along with various rhythmical techniques used in the genre such as dissonance, rhythmical cells, development, modulation and over percussion. We then move onto the bass, beginning with the music theory behind the creation of bass melodies and measure patterning to produce the hypnotic rhythm before moving onto synthesis, sampling and the processing options for bass in the genre.

For module 2, we move onto the melodic elements of Tech House, beginning with some basic music theory and counterpoint we show how to create simple house style harmonies and melodies before moving onto to the various synthesis and sampling methodologies. Finally, for this module, we examine vocals, from sampling vocal shouts, swirls, and displacement, through looping and manipulation techniques to suit the genre.

For the final module, we then examine the multitude of arrangement techniques used in the genre, alongside various automated processing options, recapitulation, contour, textural layering, and development to help create a complete, interesting arrangement out of only limited elements.

Course Contents

Session 01: 5 Mins.

Session 02: 19 Mins.

Tech House.

Session 03: 17 Mins.
The Kick.

Session 04: 8 Mins.
More Kicks.

Session 05: 8 Mins.

Tech Samples.

Session 06: 22 Mins.
Tech Bass Melodic.

Session 07: 12 Mins.
Tech Bass Synthesis.

Session 08: 17 Mins.
Tech Bass Percussive.

Session 09: 17 Mins.

ech Bass Synthesis 2.

Session 10: 24 Mins.
Low-End Processing

Session 11: 43 Mins.
Tech Claps

Session 12: 25 Mins.

Session 13: 32 Mins.

Open Hats.

Session 14: 28 Mins.
Tech Tops

Session 15: 20 Mins.

Session 16: 23 Mins.
Drum Processing.

Session 17: 23 Mins.

Tech Chords 1

Session 18: 21 Mins.
Tech Chords 2

Session 19: 24 Mins.
Tech Chords 3

Session 20: 32 Mins.
Tech Chords 4.

Session 21: 24 Mins.

Track A – Arranging 1

Session 22: 27 Mins.
Track A – Arranging 2

Session 23: 35 Mins.
Track A – Arranging 3

Session 24: 30 Mins.
Track A – Arranging 4.

Session 25: 30 Mins.

Track A – Arranging 5.

Session 26: 32 Mins.
Track B – Arranging 1

Session 27: 31 Mins.
Track B – Arranging 2

Session 28: 36 Mins.
Track B – Arranging 3.

Session 29: 44 Mins.

Track B – Arranging 4

Session 30: 29 Mins.
Track B – Arranging 5

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