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Ultrabeat (Logic Pro)

Learn how to get the most from Ultrabeat.

You want to know how to use the Ultrabeat to its full potential, then you need to watch this tutorial..

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Course Details

You want to know how to use the Ultrabeat to its full potential, then you need to watch this tutorial.
The drums form the cornerstone of dance music and will often make or break the entire track so its essential that you have the right tools for the job. Although there are plenty of third-party drum synthesizers, samplers and modules now available on the market – it just so happens that one of the most powerful, customizable, and popular drum synthesizers comes free with Apple’s ‘Logic Pro’ Sequencer. The Ultrabeat…..

With 2 phase oscillators, a noise oscillator, ring modulation, frequency modulation, a sample engine, physical modelling, 4 envelopes, 2 LFO’s and a step sequencer, Ultrabeat is widely recognized as one of the most valuable drum machines on the market and as a consequence is used by many artists and producers for creating their drum rhythms. However, as is the case with many plug-in instruments – the more powerful the features are – the more complex it can be to understand. Consequently, Ultrabeat often remains one of Logics most unexplored yet unmissable synthesizers.

For this sessions tutorial, you will learn about Ultrabeat in detail, learning how its configured and how its matrix and synthesis engine works. Throughout, we cover every aspect of the instrument from the routing and modulation through to the step sequencer, sampling engine and the often confusing ‘VIA’ system. Using examples, we show why it has become one of the most important instruments in the production of dance music today and how you can use it when creating your music.

Course Contents

Session 01: 30 Mins.
Oscillators: examine Ultrabeats sound generation oscillators.

Session 02: 30 Mins.

Filter and Output Section: Filter & output sections.

Session 03: 25 Mins.
Modulation Engine: the modulation possibilities.

Session 04: 34 Mins.
Example Kicks: how to create some powerful kick drums.

Session 05: 40 Mins.

More Examples: How to synthesize other instruments.

Session 06: 20 Mins.
The Sample Engine: The sample engine & how to use it.

Session 07: 20 Mins.
The Step Sequencer: The step sequencer and how its employed.

Session 08: 20 Mins.
Creative Uses: creative ways in which you can use the features.

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