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Uplifting Trance

Learn how to create Uplifting Trance.

Learn the skills and techniques required to build your own 138 BPM Uplifting Trance track. Follow Rick as he builds a complete track from an empty DAW to the basic mixing stage. For this tutorial, we’ll spend close to 16 hours, spread over 3 modules, learning how to create an Uplifting Trance track.

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Course Details

We lift the lid on Uplifting Trance to show the skills and techniques to build a 138 BPM track.

Follow Rick as he takes you from a blank DAW to a track for basic mixing. This whole tutorial is spread over 3 modules for you so that you experience in detail the techniques and skills used to get that professional sound.

Spread over 3 modules, the tutorial covers the production of an uplifting trance track from a blank DAW through to the basic mixing. Starting with the main theme of the track through the creation of the bass, leads and rhythm section everything is covered.

We start by building the backbone of the example track introducing the theory of root notes, chord development, and progressions. Using various examples in both theory and sound design we show simple, quick and easy ways to create the all-important chord structures and progressions followed by how to extrapolate both lead and bass melodies. This includes examining techniques such as development and melody patterning to create those classic memorable leads.

After the lead, we move onto the bass. Starting with the theory behind the creation of the rolling patterns, we build a rolling bass by employing high, mid, low and sub. We then look into sound design, developing on the leads and bass by employing various layering and synthesis techniques alongside the requisite processing and effects to produce the sounds of today’s uplifting trance. 

After the leads, chords, and bass, we work on getting the main drum elements down, building our kick and the classic drawn claps/snares along with the creation of the higher percussive elements. We then work on composing and synthesizing trance plucks, acid lines along with recording vocals, adding FX and building a basic arrangement 

Finally, we arrange and mix the example track. Here we show the automation techniques on buses, tracks and the processing and effects to create the rising tension. We also discuss the use of automation contour with the leads, bass, arps, acid lines and plucks to create continuity and constant development. Finally, we show the best approaches to mixing, showing how to balance all the elements together.

Course Contents

Session 01: 7 Mins.
A short introduction to music theory.

Session 02: 25 Mins.

Examples of current trance music.

Session 03: 15 Mins.
How to start building the chords.

Session 04: 19 mins.
Development of the trance chords.

Session 05: 16 Mins.

Developing the chords further.

Session 06: 17 Mins.
How to build lead melodies from chords.

Session 07: 15 Mins.
How to build a lead sound for trance.

Session 08: 16 Mins.
Creating larger leads with layering.

Session 09: 12 Mins.

The lead is made larger with further layering.

Session 10: 16 Mins.
Creating and designing lead busses for effects.

Session 11: 12 Mins.
How to create a sub bass for trance

Session 12: 10 Mins.
How to build the rolling bass line.

Session 13: 8 Mins.

How to develop and add a third bass.

Session 14: 7 Mins.
Developing and adding another bass.

Session 15: 16 Mins.
Adding the final rolling bass line.

Session 16: 21 mins.
Finshing the bass with processing.

Session 17: 21 Mins.

How to create a deep trance kick.

Session 18: 24 Mins.
How to create trance snares/claps.

Session 19: 42 Mins.
Adding Hi-Hats to the rhythm.

Session 20: 23 mins.
Adding further percussion parts.

Session 21: 14 Minutes.

Trance Pads.

Session 22: 14 Minutes.
The Canonic.

Session 23: 14 Minutes.
Pad Layers.

Session 24: 23 minutes.
The Motif.

Session 25: 20 Minutes.

Acid Lines.

Session 26: 12 Minutes.
Trance Plucks.

Session 27: 9 Minutes.
Pluck Layers.

Session 28: 8 minutes.
Trance Plucks 2.

Session 29: 12 Minutes.

More Plucks.

Session 30: 33 Minutes.
Basic Arrangement.

Session 31: 44 Minutes.
Adding Vocals.

Session 32: 29 minutes.
Adding FX.

Session 33: 27 Minutes.

Its All Gone Pete Tong.

Session 34: 16 Minutes.
More F*cking Plucks.

Session 35: 11 Minutes.
More Layers.

Session 36: 22 minutes.
Main Intro Plucks.

Session 37: 31 Minutes.

Arrangement Part 1..

Session 38: 44 Minutes.
Arrangement Part 2.

Session 39: 46 Minutes.
Arrangement Part 3.

Session 40: 44 minutes.
Automation Part 1.

Session 41: 37 Minutes.

Automation Part 2..

Session 42: 48 Minutes.
Levels and Pans..

Session 43: 29 Minutes.
FX Automation.

Session 44: 26 minutes.
Riding The Mix.

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